Diploma in Child and Youth Care

9 Months

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Diploma in Child and Youth Care

Diploma in Child and Youth Care


Diploma in Child and Youth Care



    The Diploma in Child and Youth Care work is to train professionals who are able to anticipate and deal with the needs and expectations of Organizations, Services and Institutions. This programme is field oriented and attaches great value to practical experience.

    The combination of research, teaching and practice experience will provide you with meaningful new insights and skills in approaching behavior, developmental and socio-emotional problems by children and youngsters/adolescents.

    Students achieve the integration of the theoretical concepts, acquired throughout the programme, with the work experience, gained through their internship.



    • Developing Creative Techniques in Working with Children and Young People
    • Solution Focused Approach
    • Introduction to care
    • Neurology and Education
    • Practice 1
    • Children with Additional needs
    • Children in Trouble
    • Communication Skills with Children, Parents & Team-Communication
    • Legislation
    • Practice 2


    • Visiting Faculty from Europe, Netherlands and Experts from Sri Lanka
    • In collaboration with "University College Leuven Limburg in Belgium (UCLL)"
    • Leading European higher education Institute
    • Programme designed for Educators, Field workers, Care providers


    Collaboration with

    Faculty : Science

    Category : After A/ Level's

    Location : Colombo

    Subject Area : Science

    Duration : 9 Months

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