Medical Camp organized by ICBT Colombo Campus Student at Kawantissa Maha Vidyalaya, Tissamaharama.

ICBT Colombo campus BM 70 students successfully completed a medical camp at “kavantissa Maha Vidyalaya”, Tissamaharama at Hambanthota District. Area surrounded by agriculture based families, which haven’t met basic necessary requirements, proper medical attention and heavily effected recent drought, which continue since month of June. For the request done by Dr. laskman Weerasena and his medical crew, ICBT students got together on 01st of September 2018 and start providing medical requirement and assistance to the villages in Tissamaharama. Further, students donated school shoes, sanitary packs and various food items to the participants of the medical camp.

Students gathered funds from various business activities and fun events such as selling raffle draw tickets, doing car wash and organizing a “futsal tournament”. They have collected almost Rs. 250,000/= profit from those activities and spent on the medicine, sanitary packages, kids’ items and certain food items. On the event day medical crew and the students managed to serve more than 800 people who needed clear medical attention. Further, the crew has given out free spectacles and free medicine for all the villages who has participated to the medical camp.


ICBT Campus