Being a graduate of ICBT and its partner universities gives you the opportunity to become a proud Alumni community.


Objectives of the Alumni Association

  1. Encourage close relationships between ICBT and its Alumni Association
  2. To promote and foster friendship, understanding, corporation and mutually benefiting business and professional relationships between the members of Alumni.
  3. To encourage and organize educational, social, cultural, sporting and various other activities among the members of the Alumni.
  4. To carryout activities to support the present student community of ICBT and promote the ICBT, brand whenever possible.
  5. To publish papers, journals, newsletters and other materials to achieve the objects of the Association.

Office bearers of the Alumni Association

  1. President and Vice-President
  2. Secretary and Deputy Secretary
  3. National Organizer and International Organizer
  4. Executive Committee Members
  5. Finance Secretary and Deputy Finance Secretary
  6. Editor and Sub-Editor
  7. Committee Members for Membership Affairs, Special Projects, Professional Development and Finance Standing Committees
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