ICBT Gampaha Campus

ICBT Gampaha campus located in the Western Province in Sri Lanka. Gampaha is considered to be a leading hub for educational activities in Sri Lanka.
The campus is a modern building with all facilities located in central Gampaha. Facilities at the building include modern air conditioned lecture halls, latest audio visual equipment and teaching aids, modern computer labs to provide the best learning experience to students.
ICBT Gampaha Campus delivers Diplomas, Bachelors Degrees and Master Degrees at affordable costs in a wide range of disciplines.


No. 6/A, Marybiso Road, Gampaha.




033 4777888


International Spoken English

Speak your way through English Say what you want to say – Fluently, Correctly & Effectively This is the ideal course if you want to listen more attentively, speak more confidently and communicate more clearly…

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Advanced Certificate in Engineering Technology in Sri Lanka

Foundation in Engineering

Modules are designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding the essentials of mathematics,general engineering practices, Essentials of Information Technology…

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Business and Management Studies in Sri Lanka

Higher Diploma in English

Modules Drama Perspectives Critical Approaches Reading Literature Preparing for TESOL The Characteristics of the English Language Urban and Contemporary Writing Applications of Drama Romanticism and

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Higher Diploma in Psychology

Higher Diploma in Psychology will assist you to Analyze to a certain extent what makes people think and how they express themselves; which is a complex science. In the higher diploma in Psychology you will learn child development…

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BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

This course is designed to develop your knowledge and expertise in the development of software, primarily for computerized information systems, which will enable you to move into managerial and…

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Business and Management Studies in Sri Lanka

BSc (Hons) Business and Management

BSc (Hons) in Business & Management Studies from Cardiff Metropolitan University will give you the skills and knowledge to help you begin your career in the business world or enhanceyour professional Development…

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BSc (Hons) in Nursing in Sri Lanka

BSc (Hons) in Nursing

This course allows you to ‘top-up’ a registered nurse qualification to a full honours degree in one year of study.This is an innovative course which seeks to develop learners, skills and expertise in such a way as to…

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MSc in Project Management

Project Management has become an emerging area in Sri Lankan academic and industrial arena and professionals from many different knowledge areas show a willingness to move towards professional…

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