Internal Academic Quality Assurance Department (IAQAD)

Internal Academic Quality Assurance Department (IAQAD)


The IAQAD was established with a mandate to create a culture that seeks to continually improve the quality of all academic and other activities at ICBT. The ICBT’s Framework for Quality Assurance specifies the responsibilities and procedures by which the standards of the academic programme and the quality of the student learning experience are managed, assured and enhanced.


The purpose is,

  • To secure  the  academic  standards  of  ICBT awards, assuring students, graduates, and the public that
    • the level of achievement required for those awards meets or exceeds national, international and relevant professional requirements and is comparable to those expected by Higher Education institutions
    • curricula are up to date and in line with external expectations for the subject in question
  • To ensure that ICBT complies with its international partner universities and awarding bodies.
  • To assure and enhance the quality of the student learning experience, ensuring that students,
    • receive appropriate and effective forms of teaching, assessment and support
    • are provided with learning opportunities to enable them to attain the academic standards and develop the skills required for their award
  • To maintain and enhance the ICBT’s reputation for quality and standards.

Responsibilities of Internal ​Academic Quality Assurance Department (IAQAD) are as follows,

  • Lead all QA related activities within the institution
  • Conduct QA Reviews/Audits and follow‐up action across branches
  • Monitor and guide Faculty level QA activities
  • Ensure that students receive clear, comprehensive and timely information about their programme of study and about what is required of them.
  • Ensure that students receive quality experience in terms of academic and non-academic related activities.
  • Identification and sharing of good practices between academic departments
  • Create awareness, train and development of QA on staff members
  • Preparation of QA‐related guidelines and manuals for use within the institution
  • Preparation of institutional self‐evaluation report
  • Monitoring annually and enhancing learning and teaching performance
  • Evaluating the success in meeting learning and teaching objectives
  • Preparing, where appropriate, for professional accreditation
  • To devise and suggest additional QA measures or changes to the existing measures, based on the data collected on various QA indicators such as peer feedback student evaluation reports and external reviews.



ISO 9001: 2015


For queries – qad@icbtcampus.edu.lk

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