Nepal Day Celebration

In a remarkable step towards fostering international educational relationships, ICBT Campus, Sri Lanka’s leading private sector educational institute, recently welcomed a group of students from Nepal to explore the educational opportunities and cultural richness that the institution has to offer.

The students from Nepal embarked on this educational journey to gain a deeper understanding of the degrees and programs offered by ICBT Campus. During their stay, they had the privilege to engage with faculty members and current students, allowing them to experience the academic environment firsthand. This provided invaluable insights into the academic rigors and educational resources available at ICBT.

Furthermore, the students from Nepal actively participated in various student events held at the campus. The climax of the visit was marked by a special “Nepal Day” celebration at ICBT Campus. This event was graced by the presence of the High Commissioner of Nepal to Sri Lanka, further solidifying the educational ties between the two nations. The visiting students showcased their rich cultural heritage with a captivating cultural act that left the audience in awe. They also set up a stall, offering authentic Nepalese sweetmeats and items, allowing everyone to experience the flavors and traditions of Nepal.

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