Conducting painting and renovation day at Dharmaraja Primary School


ICBT Colombo campus BM 94 students complete a project by conducting painting and renovation day at Dharmaraja Primary School at Karagoda, Yakkalamulla. There are 220 students currently studying from grade 1 to 5 under lack of facilities. Color washing the buildings, desks and chairs is one of the need they try to accomplish via donors past two years. BM 94 students respond to the need and purchase required paint and other material. Further, students have identified that students were lacking certain stationary. Apart of paint and material, BM 94 students purchased stationary 220 packs of stationaries to entire school.  It took three months to finish the project and students and the campus spent around Rs. 330,000/= to complete the project. Students of BM 94 carried out various fundraising activities such as, comedy shows, food stalls and movie days to collect necessary fund requirement of the project while the balance requirement given by the ICBT campus through the CSR budget.

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