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Advanced Diploma in English

Advanced Diploma in English


Advanced Diploma in English



    The Advanced Diploma in English course is developed for students who are looking to improve their already acquired skills in the language. This course is specially designed for students who have an intermediate level of understanding in the language and wish to further their knowledge.

    The course is carefully constructed by the teacher with clear objectives and goals for the students. The student will be continuously monitored and provided with feedback to ensure that they progress in class. In addition, the course is designed to make the students more confident in their understanding of the language and will help improve their career aspects.


    On this course you will:

    • Converse fluently
    • Gain confidence in a business working environment
    • Build up personality with a positive attitude towards life
    • Appreciate Literature
    • Practice critical reading skills
    • Gain confidence in doing presentations

    Why should you choose this course at the ICBT Campus?

    • Be taught by highly qualified teachers
    • Enjoy lessons that use modern, communication-centred activities, teaching methods and Interactive sessions
    • A fun, sociable and enjoyable learning environment
    • See your skills improve in all areas

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    Faculty : Languages

    Category : english

    Location : Batticaloa

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