Certificate Course in Robotics

3 Months

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Certificate Course in Robotics

Certificate Course in Robotics


Certificate Course in Robotics



    Course Description

    Ideally for actual beginners who wish to gain a sound knowledge in microcontroller programming. For students it will be helpful to develop their projects on microcontroller programming. Specially grade 6 onwards who are interested in this area can start with this program as we start this program from the very basics. Number of participant for a particular class will be determined after examine the applications.

    Programme Structure

    1. Introduction to Development Boards and Programming
    2. Digital and Analog Electronics
    3. Introduction to Embedded Systems & Control Systems
    4. Design Projects and Introduction to Raspberry pi
    5. Final Project

    Awarding Body


    Faculty : Engineering

    Category : After A/ Level's After O/ Level's

    Location : Gampaha

    Subject Area : Engineering

    Duration : 3 Months

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