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Foundation in Engineering

Foundation in Engineering


Foundation in Engineering



    Modules are designed to enable the learner to select from a wide range of engineering learning opportunities; Mechanical, Civil, Electrical/Electronic, Telecommunications, Automotive, Mechatronics and Biomedical engineering. Students are provided with a comprehensive understanding of science and mathematics theories, principles and concepts along with adequate IT knowledge appropriate to engineering context. Furthermore basic engineering application skills will also be delivered to our students through customized engineering workshops, experiments and laboratory practical; together with the health and safety tips. We train our students to follow a growth-mindset to encourage self-regulatory learning practices within them for their academic success. Fundamental knowledge and understanding of management and business practices along with effective communication skills will also be delivered to them during this course. Successful completion of the foundation programme will provide a solid source for the student to proceed to the relevant Engineering Degree of his interest.


    Programme Structure:

    • Mathematics I
    • Physics I
    • Mathematics II
    • Physics II
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Information Technology for Engineering
    • General Engineering workshop practice
    • Engineering Technical drawing
    • Academic Communiction
    • General English and communication skills

    Entity Criteria:

      • O\L - Credit passes for Maths, English & Science
      • A\L - Attempted Maths stream (Some modules are exempted)
      • A\L - Attempted of passed Science stream (Some modules are exempted)
    • A\L - Any other stream

    Awarding Body

    Faculty : Engineering

    Category : After O/ Level's

    Location : Colombo

    Subject Area : Engineering

    Duration : 9 Months

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