Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1 Year ( 1 Year + Dissertation )

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Business Management
    MBA is a professional business qualification and its curriculum is taking into account all major functions of a business in order to transfer knowledge and skills relevant to real world business activities. Earning a MBA degree will equip you to increase the performance in your current position and also help you to enhance your career leading to increasing your earning potential. It will augment your self-confidence and give you a competitive edge over your competitors. This is why MBA has become the most prestigious and sought after postgraduate qualification among professionals in the context of modernization and internationalization of the business activities in the world. The MBA students by going through the programme will emerge with required conceptual skills, efficient basic tools and functional managerial goals needed for successful business careers. This is why MBA has become the currency in the human resource market and the benchmark for employers when selecting their managers. MBA is built on the foundation of work experience. It is not only a postgraduate qualification but also a post experience qualification. MBA classroom is a place where students will be able to share their work experience in relation to the theory they learn in the class. This process could enrich their learning outcomes. The new venture you have embarked on by enrolling in the MBA programme is going to be a lifelong and exciting experience not only in relation to your career but also to your personal life. The successful rate of completion of MBA programme at ICBT campus from its inception has been impressive and remarkable. Those who have earned the degree have achieved their targeted career goals leading to many rewards. All students complete seven taught modules, (five compulsory core modules and two optional modules), together with a final dissertation.


    •  People and Organisations
    •  Accounting for Decision Makers
    •  Marketing
    •  Operations Management
    •  Strategic Management

    Elective Modules


    •  Research Methods
    •  Project Management Theory and Practice


    • Management of Finance
    • Capital Markets and Derivatives

    Project Management

    •  Project Management Theory and Practice
    •  Delivering Successful Projects


    •  Understanding the Behavioural Element of Marketing : Knowing Your Consumer
    •  Strategic Global Marketing

    Human Resources Management

    •  Developing People for Leadership and Management
    •  Managing People in a Global Context

    Health Sector Management

    • Leadership and Health Sector Management
    • Health Sector Operational management

    Supply Chain and Logistics Management

    • Logistics in Global Context
    • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

    Business Analytics

    • Business Process and Data Analytics
    • Social Media Analytics for Business

    Final Research Work

    • Dissertation

    Entry Qualification

    • Possess a degree from a recognised University and work experience.
    • Possess a professional qualification which is deemed as acceptable for admission by the University and work experience.
    • Have relevant management experience.

    Awarding Body

    Cardiff Metropolitan University

    Cardiff Metropolitan University

    Faculty : Business Management

    Category : Postgraduate

    Location : Batticaloa

    Subject Area : Business Management

    Duration : 1 Year ( 1 Year + Dissertation )

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