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MSc in Project Management

MSc in Project Management


MSc in Project Management


Business Management
    Project Management has become an emerging area in Sri Lankan academic and industrial arena and professionals from many different knowledge areas show a willingness to move towards professional project management. It is expected that these professionals to possess adequate knowledge and skills to practice Project Management as per guidelines set by Project Management Institute (PMI). Thus, it is expected that these professionals should undergo formal project management training; theoretical and practical to gain success in the projects that they manage. Therefore, Project Management training in postgraduate level is well suited a pathway for enhancing their proficiency beyond the own domain especially for engineers, IT experts, managers or any such professional who expects to develop healthy careers in Project Management.


    01. Project Management Theory and Practice (20 Credits)
    02. Project Management Innovations (20 Credits)
    03. Project Leadership (20 Credits)
    04. Strategic Project Management (20 Credits)
    05. Project Risk Management (20 Credits)
    06. Project Commercial Management (20 Credits)
    07. Management of Mega and Complex Projects (20 Credits)
    08. Capstone Project (Final Research Project - 40 Credits)

    Entry Qualification

    Possess a degree from a recognised University and work experience. Possess a professional qualification which is deemed as acceptable for admission by the University and work experience. Have relevant managerial experience.

    Awarding Body


    Faculty : Business Management

    Category : Postgraduate

    Location : Colombo

    Subject Area : Business Management

    Duration : 1 Year

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