MSc Applied Psychology & Behavior Change

1 Year

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MSc Applied Psychology & Behavior Change

MSc Applied Psychology & Behavior Change


MSc Applied Psychology & Behavior Change


    The MSc in Applied Psychology &  Behavior Change program has been designed for recent graduates looking to extend their skills and knowledge in further preparation for a career. The program has been designed to build research skills to support students in thinking about and gaining skills that focus on the importance of meaningful relationships that support behavioral change. As such the program is aimed at those who work with and manage others.  


    • Evidence Based Practice
    • Changing Behavior
    • Research Methods and Design
    • Dissertation Proposal
    • Dissertation
    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Fundamental and Core Skills
    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy : For Anxiety and Depression
    • Motivational Interventions: Theory and Application

    Entry Qualification

    • Bachelor’s Degree with Acceptable Work Experience

    Awarding Body

    Cardiff Metropolitan University

    Faculty : Science

    Category : Postgraduate

    Location : Colombo

    Subject Area : Psychology Science

    Duration : 1 Year

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