Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering

6 Months

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Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering

Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering


Professional Diploma in Civil Engineering



    Course Description

    Civil Engineering is known as one of the ancient professions in the world with an ever-growing demand. Thus it has been able to preserve a great deal of knowledge bank congregated from the ruined cities of various civilizations to modern magnificent sky-scrapers. Civil Engineers are expected to deliver their expertise in constructing enhanced and safe living surroundings to mankind such as dams, bridges, roads, highways, railways, ports, harbors and etc. Our curriculum has been developed after careful observation and analysis performed on various decisive factors such as both local and international industrial demands, contemporary technology and etc. We facilitate our students in acquiring deeply-rooted knowledge in mathematics and physics, in order to forecast various functional aspects of structures from bridges to exceedingly complex irrigation systems. Such fundamental knowledge gathered initially, will guide the learner to successfully explore the complex scenarios in Structural, Geotechnical, Hydraulics, Environmental and Transportation Engineering gradually. Internally organized site visits will further add value in producing - holistic and work-ready graduates. Highly qualified staff and opportunity for hands-on experience in purpose-built laboratories, equipped with up-to-date technology are few of significant value-additions of our program.



    • Advanced Mathematics
    • Individual Student Project
    • Structural Analysis & Design
    • Civil Engineering Hydrology & Environmental Science
    • Geotechnics
    • Fluid & Hydraulics

    Entry Qualification

    Professional Experience or qualification (assessed on case by case basis)


    Awarding Body

    Faculty : Engineering

    Category : After O/ Level's

    Location : Colombo

    Subject Area : Construction Engineering

    Duration : 6 Months

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